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Valuation Services

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Accurate valuations are necessary for lenders, investors, and advisors to make sound investments. Like real estate, no two clients or their needs are exactly alike and PVA's services include appraisals, market rent analyses, consulting, and eminent domain support. Whatever the need, our valuation services assist our clients to confidently make real estate decisions.



Appraisals are an essential tool for many clients ,which include banks and other lenders, insurance companies, government agencies, and property owners. We have experience with a broad array of property types and are able to competently provide accurate valuations to fit our clients needs.

Right-of-Way, Eminent Domain, and Corridor Appraisals

Right-of-way/Eminent Domain appraisals are often required when a condemning authority seeks to expand or create new public projects. Projects typically include road, bridge, and highway construction or expansion, electric, water, sewer, or gas pipeline easements, or aviation easements and acquisitions. We have represented property owners and condemning authorities on such projects, which often require litigation support and expert witness testimony in addition to valuation analysis.

Corridor Appraisals are similar to Right-of-Way appraisals, but often span long distances. Common corridor valuations include rails-to-trails projects and other linear parks as communities strive to maximize usable green space for their residents. Corridor valuations may also lead to litigation support and expert witness testimony.

Fair Market Value / Market Rent Analysis

We work with health care organizations to provide Fair Market Value reports for use in leasing of medical properties. Our reports are developed for use for Stark Law and anti-kickback statute compliance. Our clients for these reports include hospitals, regional and national health care providers, as well as individual medical offices looking to relocate or expand.

We also team up with property managers, investors, and businesses to provide market rent analyses on other property types, most commonly office and retail properties. Leases can be complex documents and our reports help guide our clients in negotiating key lease terms.

Consulting and Advisory

Not all valuation assignments require appraisals. We advise clients who need valuation support but do not need appraisal reports and may not need valuation analysis. These assignments vary by client but include operating expense analysis, market research, and feasibility analysis.



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